How can Westchase Tutoring Co. help your child excel?

Subject Areas
  1. Writing
    One-on-one writing assistance, focusing on the writing process versus grammar and editing to create a better writer. We'll identify the writing needs and create a personal plan just for your child.
  2. Math
    Strengthening fundamental skills is necessary for success in the study of mathematics. We provide resources and study material to assist in grasping those concepts.
  3. Hand Writing
    We start with the basics to help students write legibly and comfortably. This allows them to gain speed and then the ability to write in higher-level aspects of composition and content.
  4. Study Skills
    Whether your desire is to help your child get those A's or boost confidence, learning appropriate study skills will help your child manage time and become a more effective learner.
  5. Organization
    There is a direct correlation between academic achievement and organizational skills. We help develop and plan and practice in order to create success.
  6. Reading
    Even kids who are great readers can use reading help. We personalize reading assistance to each child so that they can thrive and gain confidence.
  7. Science
    All skill levels from the basics to mastering tough scientific concepts, we can help with science homework, studying for the big test, or designing an experiment.
  8. Social Studies
    It's more than just memorizing facts and dates. We help students review, create and author work to clearly communicate their understanding of the material they're studying.